Musings on Choral Music for Women’s Voices

The Concentus Women’s Chorus Blog

Read thoughts from singers on their favorite (or least favorite) choral compositions, compositions by and for women singers, program notes, our conductor's perspective from the front of the chorus, historical accuracy of performance, and how we discover new or rediscovered musical literature for women's voices. For fans of choral music, singing, music for women, women composers, chamber and voice collaboration, of Concentus!

Reflections on our Evening of Fun and Fundraising

Concentus singer, Maggie Symington, talks about our September 2015 fundraiser event, We Shall Keep Singing.

More | Posted: October 22, 2015

Willow Center: New Name – New Energy – Same Mission

Kathy Cronin Grant blogs about our recent collaboration with Alternatives for Battered Women’s annual fundraising event

More | Posted: May 26, 2015

Positive Energy, Inspiration, and Compassion: The Shared Ideals of Concentus & Alex and Ani

Concentus member, Kara Juszczak, worked with local jewelry store, Alex and Ani to schedule a fundraising event to benefit Concentus. In this latest blog piece, Kara explains how the ideas of positive energy, inspiration and compassion are shared, making for the perfect collaboration.

More | Posted: March 01, 2015

Finding a Personal Connection to What We Sing

Concentus member, Sarah Kelsick, writes about the personal connection she felt to the music performed at the Concentus Winter 2015 concert.

More | Posted: February 02, 2015

What Goes into a Concert

Concentus member, Maggie Symington, shares her perspective on the preparation involved in preparing for a live concert.

More | Posted: January 10, 2015

Why Attend a Live Performance?

Concentus member, Maggie Symington, shares her thoughts on the power of the live performance.

More | Posted: October 12, 2014

Performing The Planets – as Singer and Spouse: A Conversation with Kathy (and Kenny) Grant

Concentus member, Kathy (Cronin) Grant, reflects on sharing the stage with her husband, Kenneth Grant (Principal Clarinet) for the RPO’s performance of Holst’s The Planets.

More | Posted: May 31, 2014

A Conversation with the Composer: Rich Wilder, Where Is My Love?

Concentus member, Maggie Symington, shares a her personal conversation with composer, Rich Wilder

More | Posted: May 15, 2014

The Role of the Conductor: A Member’s Perspective

Concentus member, Maggie Symington, writes about the role of a conductor from the singer’s point of view.

More | Posted: February 25, 2014

On Community and Sisterhood: A Member’s Perspective

Concentus member, Johanna Rehbaum, writes about finding a sense of community and sisterhood through singing with Concentus.

More | Posted: January 02, 2014