Concentus Women’s Chorus Store

Support Concentus with your purchase of CDs, MP3 downloads, and merchandise products. Our choral music compilations consist of classical choral compositions for women’s voices ranging from medieval chant through contemporary compositions.

Make We Joy

Make We Joy - CD Cover

Concentus is proud to present this compilation of favorite and soon-to-be favorite seasonal carols and Christmas songs, from the early 1500s to recent contemporary compositions and new settings.

“Make We Joy” is a celebration of the holy story from the promise made to Adam and Eve, through the beautiful story of the Magnificat, and onward to the birth of Christ. Revel in the music, as the world sings in celebration of this miracle, and a mother rocks her Child to sleep.

Concentus Sampler

Concentus Sampler - CD Cover

Concentus invites you to step through the doorway into a unique musical experience and let the light of our music fill your world. Enjoy this compilation of live recordings of some of our favorite repertoire.

“Audience members noted that your music was ‘transporting’ and ‘ravishing,’ and I couldn't agree more.” (Director of Music, Christ Church, Pittsford, NY)


Lullabies for the Special People in Your Life

This CD is produced by women singers who share a special love for Concentus Women’s Chorus, and is offered as a special fundraiser to support the mission and creative artistry of Concentus.

Heartsongs - CD Cover

Lullabies convey feelings of unconditional love, peace and serenity, safety and well being. In this sense, they transcend the mere cradle song—they are truly a song expressing the best sentiments of the human psyche, applicable to any and all of the special people in your life. In that spirit, we present this compilation of lullabies from around the world, to all of the special people in your lives.

Concentus Custom Water Bottle

Concentus custom water bottle

Have you noticed the women of Concentus have been sporting a unique, customized water bottle during rehearsals, concerts, 5Ks, etc...?